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Mobile Cooling Solutions



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The Mobile Cooling Solutions segment is comprised of the teams globally responsible for Dometic’s active and passive coolers and hydration, as well as the Igloo and Cool Gear brands. With offices across the globe, they are a group of people who are passionate about keeping your food and beverages cold so you can stay cool, wherever life or your latest adventure takes you.


“I stated here as Janitor 5 years ago and now I’m Managing a department. The company has showed me that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. I love being a walking success that shows people the sky is truly the limit, with hard work and dedication. Dometic is excelling every day and I’m glad to know I’ll be here for the journey.”

Anqunett Lewis

Igloo Manager - E-Commerce Fulfillment

“Cool Gear’s Creative and core Operations teams are exceptional.

Seeing a product begin as concept, following through production stages and end on a store shelf is truly amazing.
For nearly 16 years I’ve split my time between Operations and Quality. I feel challenged, appreciated, and inspired. I’ve found my work-life balance and still learn something new every day.”


Lynne Weilbrecht

Cool Gear Manager - QA/QC

“Working at Dometic for over 9 years because we have a warm team that feels like family. A great team will improve ourselves and create great value for the company. The company culture also can be a motivator for the work. So we are so proud of to be working here.”

Allen Lu

Mobile Cooling Solutions - Controller

“As a lifelong adventurer and lover of the outdoors, I strive to inspire others to share this passion.

Working at Dometic has allowed me to turn my passion into my profession. Sharing our amazing products with new people every day and hopefully inspiring the next generation of adventurers.”

Elliot Mann

Sales Executive

“Working at Dometic provides both a challenging and inspiring environment, allowing me to develop my skills and make a meaningful contribution to the team’s success. As S&OP Manager for Mobile Cooling Solutions every day is different, and I love to work with colleagues all over world in different departments and functions.”

Sabrina Pochmann

Sales & Operations Manager


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