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Dometic is a global outdoor tech brand simplifying the culture around the great outdoors, so more people can connect with nature. 

In 2023, Dometic established a strong presence across key markets in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, including Australia, New Zealand, North Asia, South East Asia and India, by achieving a totaling SEK 2.1 billion in sales.

Within the APAC Land Vehicle segment, Dometic encompasses three divisions: Recreational Vehicles (RV), Commercial and Passenger Vehicles (CPV), and Outdoors. This Segment is responsible for areas of the value chain such as Design and Distribution apart from Global Products and Global Technologies. In addition to the Land Vehicle segment, Dometic has Mobile Cooling, Marine, and Global Ventures segments. The Marine segment develops advanced solutions for the global boating market, while the Global Ventures segment comprises two sub-segments: Mobile Power Solutions and Other Global Verticals (OGV). OGV includes Residential, Hospitality and Mobile Deliveries. 

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Dometic Land Vehicles

Dometic Land Vehicles consists of products for recreational vehicles, commercial passenger vehicles and overlanding vehicles. This segment is responsible for the entire value chain: sourcing, design, manufacturing, and distribution apart from global products and technologies. People around the world use Dometic products and they are all part of a growing movement – a longing for freedom and adventure, a desire to explore the world and to stay away longer. Our mission is to make mobile living easy.

Dometic Marine

Dometic Marine is a trusted provider of innovative solutions for the worldwide boating and boat building industry, including power-assisted mechanical, hydraulic, and electric power steering, advanced trim tab systems, a full range of motor jackplates, marine sanitation devices, climate control, galley equipment and more. Dometic Marine has won numerous NMMA Innovation Awards over the years and is always striving for new ways to make boating easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Mobile Cooling Solutions

The Mobile Cooling Solutions segment is comprised of the teams globally responsible for Dometic’s active and passive coolers and hydration, as well as the Igloo and Cool Gear brands. With offices across the globe, they are a group of people who are passionate about keeping your food and beverages cold so you can stay cool, wherever life or your latest adventure takes you.

Mobile Power Solutions

Dometic Mobile Power Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of power solutions tailored for outdoor living. Their portfolio encompasses cutting-edge solar panels and alternators for efficient power generation, advanced inverters and chargers for seamless power conversion, and a diverse range of lithium batteries for reliable energy storage. With these solutions, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy peace of mind and unparalleled freedom during their adventures.

Other Global Verticals

OGV is Dometic’s incubator, aimed at expanding into new market segments with products suitable for sale in all geographic regions. Depending on the products and the current positions of our businesses, expansion may occur through acquisitions, organic growth, or establishing new ventures. In some cases, we may seek to validate a new concept we believe in.


A collaborative culture
Great career progression path
Clear common goals
Encourage employee engagements and wellbeing
Continuous learning culture
Occupational health
Support sustainability


“Dometic gave me time to focus on people who matter most with leave for me to adjust to parenthood and bond with the newest members of my family. Working at Dometic helps me to grow professionally and personally.”

Sally Hu

Manager, Customs & Logistics

“Working at Dometic is an amazing journey. It offers a positive, inclusive and inspiring environment to learn and engage.”

Kelvin Leung

Financial Controller

Dometic provides access to an array of learning and development resources to help broaden and deepen my skills and knowledge as career progresses.

Wendy Liu

Manager, Facility & PR Department

“Dometic’s multinational network has broadened my horizons, given me countless opportunities to learn and grow, utilizing my potential, and strive to do the best. “

Wallis Tsoi

Senior Sales Manager

I love working at Dometic as it embraces change and acts fast, with open working environment and respectful atmosphere around inspiring colleagues.

Kitty Lai

Finance Manager

“I love Dometic Core Values and we made lots of successful projects and it’s amazing to work in Dometic Shenzhen.”

Sam Peng

Lead Project Manager



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