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Dometic Marine is a trusted provider of innovative solutions for the worldwide boating and boat building industry, including power-assisted mechanical, hydraulic, and electric power steering, advanced trim tab systems, a full range of motor jackplates, marine sanitation devices, climate control, galley equipment and more. Dometic recently expanded its scope to lead the boating industry into an electrified future, developing marine telematics and digital integration solutions and acquiring new technologies in onboard power generation, storage, management and distribution. Dometic has won numerous NMMA Innovation Awards over the years and is always striving for new ways to make boating easier, safer, and more enjoyable.


“Working at Dometic the last 13 years has given me extraordinary opportunities, to grow and challenge myself both personally and professionally.

My coworkers are like family to me. Many of whom have helped shape me into the leader I am today.”

Malory Cafarelli

Operations Manager

“Dometic has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and individually. Our product scope is off the charts for outdoor living. I take pride in working for this company and being a part of the Dometic journey. I can’t wait!”

Mindi Reinert

Production Supervisor

“As an avid outdoorsman I have found great purpose in my career with Dometic. Working for a company that shares my passion for the outdoors offering not only quality, but sustainable products coupled with a great team-oriented atmosphere leaves me excited to start my day. All the products we offer give people the ability to enhance their life outdoors, what’s not to love about that!”

Dylan Wallace

OEM Regional Sales Manager

“Working at Dometic gives us the opportunity to make a big difference in an exciting industry. It’s great to work with a team that truly “plays to win”. Every day brings a new exciting challenge to conquer.”

Justin Celauro

P.E., Product/Business Manager

“At Dometic, the dynamic pace keeps me engaged daily. With diverse challenges and a supportive team, growth opportunities abound. It’s an energizing environment where every day is a new adventure.”

Ronald Ho

Product Manager

“I joined Dometic after working as an installer for Dometic’s joystick steering system. After years of supporting new developments towards the current product offering, Dometic’s commitment to innovation and driving future technologies into the marine market has inspired me to expand my role and help deliver new products to the market.”

Steve Watson

Product Manager

“Working at Dometic has been incredibly rewarding.

I have experienced amazing support from the team, delivering not only growth in our results but in also in my own personal development.

I enjoy the fast pace, there is never a dull moment and I always look forward to bringing our next product innovations to market.”

Chris Soeters

General Manager, APAC Marine

“I enjoy working at Dometic as it has given me the opportunity for personal growth. I had started out as a Traffic Coordinator and grew into the Shipping Supervisor roll. My job is fast past and I love supporting and engaging with my team.”

Emma Minninger

Warehouse Supervisor

“Working at Dometic is never dull, offering a dynamic environment where no two days are the same. As a Product Manager, I’m engaged in various challenges and innovative tasks, thriving in a culture that values forward-thinking and creativity. This constantly evolving atmosphere keeps me motivated and eager to contribute to the company’s pioneering spirit in its industry.”

Morgan Stewart

Product Manager


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